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iTunes TV Series Standard or HD

Gabriella Davis  17 September 2008 22:40:31
Much to my excitement there's been a flood of new TV Series released to iTunes in the US (and no i'll never tell how and why I have a US iTunes account) but the question has been - to HD or not to HD?  Movie rentals which we've been doing for a while are far better in HD (although why movies disappear from rental sometimes I don't know - I rented "The King of Kong" but it's nowhere to be found now) but the price difference on TV Series made me wonder if it was worth it.  In some cases the TV series are 80% more in HD than standard.  I couldn't tell the difference when downloading the free Standard and HD versions of The Office but Tim (who can spot pixelation at 100 paces) could spot the HD straight off.  

Luckily thanks to the magic of the world wide interweb, there are people out there more nerdy than me with considerably more time on their hands who did all the hard work.  Taking a look at this iLounge article it's clear that although iTunes HD is almost DVD quality, iTunes standard is still way better than HD Cable and nothing comes close to HD-DVD (a format going the way of the Dodo IMO).  Plus our Philips Ambilight TV does a fair bit of "upscaling" or something which improves the picture so I'm sticking to Standard for TV Series for the time being.

For those of your with HD Cable - some of those screen grab comparisons are shocking.

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