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Blackberry version of Lotusphere Sessions DB Now Available

Gabriella Davis  17 December 2008 13:51:15
We are very pleased again this year to link up with Ben's Lotusphere sessions db and produce a Blackberry version which is installable OTA.  The sessions db is missing some data right now as times are still be finalised for some sessions and the product showcase stands aren't published, but once installed you can do "Load Data' from the app main menu anytime to get an update directly from the sessions db itself.

This year alongside the ability to add sessions to your Calendar on the BB, we have included Ben's 'Feedback' form allowing you to post questions and comments in response to a session.

To download simply browse on your Blackberry to http://lotusphere.turtleweb.com/bb and install.

For those of you wanting an offline iPhone application that isn't browser based - we have produced one that also links to Ben's session db.  Unfortunately to distribute it to you it first has to make its way through Apple approval to the app store.  More news on that here soon.