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Getting ready for the Lotus Leadership Alliance conference next week

Mike Smith  18 September 2009 13:13:00
I am sat at my desk on this sunny day getting ready to go to the Lotus Leadership Alliance Conference in Cambridge MA next week. Its my first time at LoLA and really looking forward to it, the agenda is packed and the content looks excellent. Though as at Lotusphere I suspect its the people coming along there that'll really make the event.

I've been to Boston and Westford a few times yet I've never been to Cambridge (well the one in MA) either so looking forward to that too.

Been a frantic few days getting everything set up for Collaboration University London which starts on Monday. CU Chicago was a big success with some great feedback and though unfortunately I will be away at LoLA I think that London is also shaping up to be another great CU event.

And I keep catching myself humming THAT tune - "Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl......."

1jimmy bracco  18/09/2009 13:34:30  Getting ready for the Lotus Leadership Alliance conference next week

oh crap, theres got to be a better one than that...

I always hear "I met her in a club down in...."

a little kinks action

see you there!