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Lotuspere Sessions iPhone app is awaiting approval

Tim Davis  18 December 2009 17:42:09
Last night I finally finished the new version of the Lotusphere Sessions app for the iPhone and got it submitted to Apple for approval.

It has been pretty much rewritten from the ground up to work with the new Core Data storage model, which I have to say is very neat. It integrates with the tableviews and makes the whole process of getting your data onto the screen very easy. I redesigned the search bar to use the predicate search that comes with the core data objects and that works elegantly. It wasn't too much work, but it has been tough finding the time to get it done.

I was a little frustrated after spending a fair while negotiating the provisioning process (uploading and downloading certificates, etc) to discover I had forgotten that they require a large 512x512 version of your app logo when you submit it. And they expressly state they won't take enlarged versions of the small 57x57 on-screen logo.

It was late last night, I obviously didn't want to call Jon (our design guy) and wake him up to make me a logo, but I wanted the thing submitted. So I cobbled one together myself in Openoffice draw, cut-and-pasting in from other design images, creating my own gradients and drop shadows, etc. Didn't look too bad, and its not part of the actual app so it should be ok. Jon has now done me a proper version today, so if I do an update I'll replace it with his.

The app store submission system is shutting down for a week from next Wednesday, so I am glad I got it in with time to spare. Now it is fingers crossed it gets approved first time :-)

1Bruce Elgort  18/12/2009 17:59:23   Lotuspere Sessions iPhone app is awaiting approval

Awesome!!!! What will the app name be?

2Ben Langhinrichs  18/12/2009 19:22:26   Lotuspere Sessions iPhone app is awaiting approval

Excellent news! I'll cross my fingers too, although it makes it difficult to type.

3F  19/12/2009 07:35:34   Lotuspere Sessions iPhone app is awaiting approval

4Fabio Pignatti  19/12/2009 07:36:21   Lotuspere Sessions iPhone app is awaiting approval

Well done!

5Mitch Cohen  21/12/2009 21:45:50   Lotuspere Sessions iPhone app is awaiting approval

Just spotted it in the App store { Link } (iTunes Link) Thanks so much for this!

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