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Connections101.Net Updated and Live

Gabriella Davis  19 February 2013 20:58:13
Paul and I are pleased to announce a week's worth of re-writing connections101.net.  Now, you have (hopefully) in an educational format the steps required to deploy a pilot installation of Connections 4.  The idea behind this site is to teach, not just to demonstrate or give advice.  By the end of the modules you should have a functioning connections environment.

Are we finished?  No way.  A lot more to do with cognos and post-install tasks, but we hope that there is enough to get you started.  We don't allow comments on the site, as its enough to manage with the writing of modules, but feel free to contact either of us with comments.

1Wayne  19/02/2013 21:20:06  Connections101.Net Updated and Live

That's an amazing and detailed effort.

Thank you for this.


2Rob Novak  19/02/2013 21:29:46  Connections101.Net Updated and Live

Great job you two. Looks great!

I wonder if after the rest of what you're writing if you'd like to add a bit about installing CRs?

You know, because you have plenty of time on your hands. :-)

3Taylor  23/09/2013 19:57:23  Connections101.Net Updated and Live