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Camtasia Frustrations, Finding My Demographic, Bad Mai Tais and Tomato Bread Soup

Gabriella Davis  19 October 2008 18:38:24
Camtasia Frustrations: This weekend I have been working with Camtasia to record some webcasts for upcoming presentations.  Although it's a great tool and fairly easy to use it can't do the one thing I desperately need.  I have Powerpoint on the Mac (although I prefer to use Keynote) but have to use Camtasia and Domino Admin in the VM for the presentation - so I started off recording and kicked off my Powerpoint presentation. 30 minutes of talking and demo'ing later I stopped the recording and watched the playback only to discover that at every point when I was in OSX, Camtasia showed a Windows desktop and recorded my voice.  I guess it makes sense that Camtasia can only recognise the guest application if that's what launched it but in the absence of a Camtasia for OSX I may have to switch to another screen recording tool.  Any suggestions?

Finding my Demographic:  During dinner with friends in early September someone brought up Sarah Palin's name with the comment "I just think she's hot", to my surprise that sent me off into a tirade about her and his comment.  Anyone who knows me knows that's out of character for me and since I hadn't been drinking I spent some time wondering what was it about her that engendered such anger in me from nowhere.  Today I find out that I'm part of a huge demographic, I just seem to be displaced several thousand miles from my 'set' according to University of Florida political scientist Ken Wald

"among middle-class Jewish career women in particular, there's a resentment bordering on rage that somebody so obviously unqualified was appointed on the assumption that she would appeal to women. As women of accomplishment, they deeply resent the pandering and take it quite personally."

so 2 surprises there - apparently I'm both middle-class and accomplished!

Image:Camtasia Frustrations, Finding My Demographic, Bad Mai Tais and Tomato Bread Soup  I am drawing a veil over this week's cocktail which was a misconceived Mai Tai (not exactly the season for it), heavy on the lime (and for some orange) and light on the Rum, the whole thing tasted like a canned fruit cocktail.  ....

Image:Camtasia Frustrations, Finding My Demographic, Bad Mai Tais and Tomato Bread SoupA somewhat succesful Tomato and Bread soup which was fun to make and smelt delicious whilst it cooked.  1.2kg of fresh tomatoes and an onion through a food mill and added to 1.5L of stock with 400g of Ciabatta, garlic and basil.  The bread broke down and made the soup very creamy with a strong real tomato flavour.  I think I got the recipe a bit wrong in that the bread was meant to be crustless so I weighed 400g without crusts and the texture ended up denser than i'd like so next time i'll weigh it 'fully clothed'

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