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Lotusphere Sessions - Slightly Deflated

Gabriella Davis  19 November 2009 11:26:37
As everyone now knows the Lotusphere session announcements are out.  Every year now I submit abstracts on topics that I hope will be of interest and that I'm excited about (I have to be enthusiastic about it or it doesn't carry over on stage).  Every year I also buy a ticket and book flights and hotel in  September because I'm coming to LS no matter what.  Emails confirming or rejecting sessions came out Tues night and so yesterday morning I came tiggering into the office ready to blog my sessions and how much I was looking forward to them and discovered the fallout from some people not getting sessions was that those who did get sessions are accused of being in some kind of club.

A day of worrying later I've decided I just have to push past it.  Yes, I know that I absolutely wouldn't want a session if my only criteria for being awarded it over someone else's was membership of some cool kids club.  No, I realise there's no way I can make anyone else believe that if they don't want to, even though I had an abstract with Chris Miller rejected as well.  All I can do is what I do for any presentation, put together the best work I can on a subject that interests me and deliver it with enthusiasm.  

I hope to see you in Orlando in January and maybe in my sessions.   Here they are.  I'm excited about writing and presenting all of them...

I've spent a lot of time this year working on the Sametime 8.5 beta program and installing it / configuring it (now over 20x). It's a great, but big, move to a new platform for meetings
Andrew and I enjoy arguing our way through security ideas
Paul and I have the same "firm but fair" attitude to administration and administrators (alright he's a bit tougher than I am, and much funnier) :-)
Marie , Francie and I talk admin all the time and have each worked on multiple site upgrades and environments in the past 12 months.  I'm looking forward to merging our experiences together

Best Practices: How Do I Get There From Here? The Route To IBM Lotus Sametime 8.5 (Gab Davis)
Got Sametime? Then you're going to want Sametime 8.5! But which components will you need? And how do you migrate from your existing Sametime environment? This session covers how it all fits together - your client options, useful administration tips and recommendations for coexistence, migration and even clustering. Using live Sametime servers we'll take you through each one, including Websphere-based Meeting Server, Proxy Server, and Media Server, as well as Domino-based Instant Messaging. If you want to move to Sametime 8.5 for IM, Meetings or Video - and you know you do – then this session will show you how to get there.

Best Practices: "Top Chefs": Recipes for Avoiding Everyday Server Disasters (Marie Scott, Francie Tanner, Gab Davis)
Do you have the right recipe for securing and performance tuning your servers? Are you dealing with mail fidelity issues, routing or replication bottlenecks? And if you're got all that right, how about ACL's, ECL's, policies and client management? Come watch three seasoned chefs resolve real-world scenarios that could otherwise spell disaster if allowed to flare-up in your domain. Demystify transaction logging and get great tips on managing ids, preventative server maintenance, essential Notes.ini settings and must-have monitoring tools. Whether you're a "Top Chef' or a "Swedish Chef", you won't want to miss this smorgasbord of a session, full of solutions you can take home and use.

Show N Tell: Install, Manage and configure DAOS and IDVault Step by Step (Paul Mooney, Gab Davis)
Lotus Domino 8.5x has big changes in store for admin weenies, including two long awaited new features: the Lotus Notes ID Vault and DAOS. Lotus Notes ID Vault stores user IDs on a server where they are automatically downloaded to the client should the local ID be missing, and enables users to request password changes that can be made on the fly by admins with no direct ID file access. The Domino Attachment Object Store is a radical change in the attachment management method on Lotus Domino servers. In this step by step session, we'll setup Notes ID Vault and DAOS from scratch in a test environment and take you through their configuration and management.

Jumpstart; The A-Z of Domino Security (Andrew Pollack, Gab Davis)
The IBM Lotus Domino environment has very rich set of security features and tools.  From the basics to the most advanced new features, we'll show you how you can you increase security while reducing the time and cost of administration and making things easier for your users.  We'll cover everything from ACL's to Xpages, including the latest tools for ID management, single sign-on, web application security, desktop policies, and considerations for DAOS.  You'll get advice from two industry leading experts with real world experience planning, implementing, and and managing secure enterprise Domino environments.  This session is fast paced and packed with content you can take home and put in practice.

Jumpstart: Running with Scissors: Sharpen Your Skills for a Pain-free IBM Lotus Domino 8.5 Upgrade (Marie Scott, Francie Tanner, Gab Davis)
Client and server upgrades to 8.5 don't have to hurt! So come join Gab, Francie and Marie as they share their learning lessons and cutting edge techniques for a successful 8.5 upgrade – beginning to end.  Watch as they “slice up” tried and proven methods for preparing your client upgrade including pros and cons of the basic or standard client; building SmartUpgrade kits that play well with others; and managing it all behind the scenes with strategically implemented policies. But their shears won’t stop there as they cut through the most efficient steps for upgrading your servers, tips and tricks for upgrading your Domino Directory, and lining up your servers to take advantage of Domino 8.5 performance measures, time and space saving adjustments via DAOS and ID Vault! You’ll walk away with your own ever-sharp skill set for your most comprehensive, and pain free upgrade yet.