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The great midwest tour 2009

Gabriella Davis  20 July 2009 13:06:32
After a glorious 7 weeks at home with no travelling, Tim and I are off again on Wednesday and this time our itinerary is .. well.. widespread.
  • Weds - Fly London to Los Angeles, hire a car , drive to Vegas
  • Thurs - Monday in Vegas for meetings (and remote working)
  • Sun  / Mon working 1am - 9am Vegas time (9am - 5pm GMT) on a UK based project launch and server build
  • Tues morning driving via monument valley to Grand Junction
  • Weds meeting in Denver
  • Thurs leave Denver heading for Kansas
  • Friday arrive Kansas and beg a room for the night from that nice Mr Novak
  • Sunday drive to St Louis for IAMLUG
  • Monday night drive St Louis to Cincinnati for meeting
  • Tues night drive Cincinnati to Chicago
  • Weds night fly home

iPod is loaded up with books from audible and  I don't think National have spotted that our booking is hiring a car in LA and dropping it in Chicago (and thanks to Emerald Aisle we should be fine). Any suggestions for places to see during the long roadtrips are gratefully received.


1Richard Moy  20/07/2009 16:34:40  The great midwest tour 2009


If you are coming to Chicago, don't forget the we are having the MWLUG Conference in late August. There is going to be boat load of fun including a Chicago River and Lake Michigan architecture boat tour for everyone.

2Ben Langhinrichs  20/07/2009 17:58:20  The great midwest tour 2009

Looking forward to see you in Las Vegas (and profoundly grateful not to be driving to Chicago from there. Best of luck with that)

3Gab Davis  20/07/2009 21:04:59  The great midwest tour 2009

@Richard .. I'd love to stick around for MWLUG but I am due back in London then back out to Chicago in Sept for Collaboration University. I'm sorry to miss the conference, Chicago is one of my favourite cities and I love that architecture tour !

@Ben - see you in Vegas.. i'll be the one hunkered by the nickel poker slots trying to make 10 dollars last as long as possible :-)

4Richard Moy  21/07/2009 00:39:22  The great midwest tour 2009

Enjoy your great Midwest tour.