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Lotusphere Sessions 09 - All Shiny and New

Gabriella Davis  20 November 2008 13:25:11
This year I have 3 shiny new sessions - all of which I'm excited about for different reasons. I'm not much good at conveying that excitement in short descriptive sentences but here goes....

BP205 Go "Advanced" with Lotus Sametime.  
I've been working with ST Advanced since early last summer and i've been amazed about how little information is out there for people on how it works, what it does, how it integrates with Sametime for Domino and how all its moving parts fit together.  I'm going to cover all of that in this session plus a few of the painful pieces of the install you can watch out for

BP207 IBM Lotus Domino Admin to IBM WebSphere Application Admin -- in an Hour!
Chris Miller and I came up with the idea for this session earlier this year when we both realised (well I guess Chris knew but it took me a while to realise) how much of our Admin work is now WAS based because of the number of Lotus extended products that are based on it.  Quickr J2EE , Sametime Advanced, Sametime Gateway,  Connections, the list goes on.  Basically if you want to start working with the more advanced collaborative tools at some point you need to start working with WAS.  What we hope to do here is talk WAS language to Domino admins - showing you the WAS equivalents for server options and features in Domino and how to configure them.  

SHOW101 ID Vault, Roaming and DAOS: Get Ahead of the Curve with IBM Lotus Domino 8.5
In the new Show and Tell track I'm doing my first session with Paul Mooney (see how i cleverly align myself with much better speakers) where we're going to show you how to configure and work with the 3 most exciting features in the Domino 8.5 server.  In fact I believe these 3 features alone are a good enough reason for you to be upgrading your servers to 8.5 and hopefully by the time we've shown you why and how - you'll be ready to do just that.

So 3 completely new sessions to write and this year about 3 different topics I hope someone out there is as interested in as I am!  

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