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A Comedy of Errors: Despite both our best efforts Apple don’t manage to sell me a new Macbook

Gabriella Davis  21 October 2008 15:19:29
I've been struggling with the decision to buy a new Macbook.  After all, mine is less than a year old and I'm perfectly happy with it.  On Sunday, Tim and I went up to the flagship Apple store on Regent Street in London to take a look at the new models. I was unimpressed with the general design but really liked a few things that made it worth buying for me:  
  • DDR3 1066Mhz memory
  • Aluminium case doesn't show finger marks as much as my black case
  • Backlit keyboard is something I really envy in Tim's Pro, especially for working on planes
  • The headphone can take a regular iphone headset and can use the mic on it, which would take care of my problems with skype and needing a big headset
  • Tim bought a copy of Quake for everyone in the office and I'm the only one who can't play it, which apparently means I'm not 'teambuilding' with everyone!
So, decision made, we head off up to Regent St last night to buy one. 90 mins of London rainy traffic later, we walk into the Apple store:

"We'd like to buy a new Macbook"
"I'm sorry we don't have any"
"What any at all?"
"Nope we're completely out of all models and didn't get a delivery today"

So we slink back home - a 3hr roundtrip for nothing.  Today, having learnt my lesson, I phone the store:

"Do you have any Macbooks in stock?"
"Yes of course. Tons."
"The MacBook - the 2.4Ghz, 250GB HD model?"
"So if I came in now I could buy one with 4GB RAM?"
"Oh yes"

Off we go again, eternally optimistic and feeling more than a little guilty over taking a long lunch break.  This time we arrive at the store to find YES they do have a MacBook and YES they have the memory, but they can't fit it for us until end of the day so we'll have to come back.  Of course we could take it away with us and fit it ourselves but then they don't get to keep the memory that's currently in there and so they would have to charge us 400 USD for the memory instead of 200 USD if they fit it.  

At this point I'm fast losing any urge to buy a new Mac, as well as the will to live, but we persist.  The new Macbooks have a new port called a Displayport which requires a dedicated adaptor, and not just one adaptor. We need one for VGA to connect me to a projector and one for DVI to connect me to an external screen.  Sounds expensive but easy, yes?  The final nail in the Macbook coffin: the adaptors aren't in stock. They aren't just out of stock - THEY DON'T ACTUALLY EXIST - anywhere - in the world - at all.  

The nice man in the blue apple shirt tries to tell me that "we are hoping they will be available in a couple of weeks or so", but since I need to work now and I have several presentations and conferences coming up, that's not of much use to me.

I finally hear all the voices and learn to read all the signs - I won't be buying a new Macbook.

1Jamie  21/10/2008 19:09:43  From the Apple UK site

Maybe they were mistaken as to whether or not it is available? Here is a link from Apple's site:

{ Link }

It looks available to me. If it is maybe you can still enjoy a new Macbook.

2Turtle  21/10/2008 22:32:35  A Comedy of Errors: Despite both our best efforts Apple don’t manage to sell me a new Macbook

Gaby, 4Gb of RAM for the new MacBook shouldn't cost THAT much.

{ Link }

US$139, plus shipping, and you can keep the memory the unit came with. I ordered memory from OWC for my wife's last-generation MacBook as well as my first-generation MacBook Pro and it was just fine.