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Delighted By The Internet - Courtesy Of Google

Gabriella Davis  21 November 2008 13:02:56
I've missed the heyday of 'Life' magazine by some way but I've always loved and often bought old collections of their photographs that record vividly places and times I find impossible to imagine now.  In fact many of their images are so unvarnished and true to life they've become icons of history.

So I'm overjoyed (and I don't care if they have evil reasons behind doing it) that Google have put the entire Life photographic catalog online where you can browse by event or by decade from 1860s - 1970s.  You can then click on a picture and order a copy framed for as little as 80 USD.  I've spent countless hours browsing already and I look forward to spending more, it's both fascinating and moving.  Go here to get started.

Now for some of those Magnum photos online as well .......

1Jess Stratton  21/11/2008 15:46:45  Delighted By The Internet - Courtesy Of Google

I totally agree! Going through old pictures is nothing short of haunting... it's hard for me to see pictures in antique shops and NOT want to get them. I just feel that those people staring back at me are real people who had real lives and it pains me that those photos don't belong to a family.

I just hate the thought of them going unclaimed and unidentified.