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Yay!!! App App App!!

Tim Davis  21 December 2009 23:05:35
The Lotusphere Sessions app for the iPhone is live in the App Store!

Its called LSMobile.

Image:Yay!!! App App App!!

I'd recommend reloading the data every so often as Ben is still waiting for some session details.

You can find Ben's database at http://lotusphere.turtleweb.com/lsessdb.

If you're interested in getting Domino data down to your iPhone, come to my Show 'n' Tell session at Lotusphere:

SHOW113 - Integrating IBM Lotus Domino Data and Applications on Smartphones, the Blackberry and Apple iPhones.
Monday 2:00pm-3:45pm, Swan Osprey.

1Bruce Elgort  22/12/2009 00:23:17  Job well done

Yay!!!! Great app - many thanks for putting this together.

2Lewis  22/12/2009 00:29:19  Yay!!! App App App!!

Great news for iPhone users!! How about us BB freaks?! ;-)

Thank you!!

3Kendall  22/12/2009 06:51:49  Groovy

Cool--thanks for this! :-) A searchable list of sessions will be handy.

(The needs a tweak; afternoon sessions sort before morning ones.)

Kendall, new iPhone owner

4Tim Davis  22/12/2009 10:51:56  Yay!!! App App App!!

Oops, the dates are coming over from Lotus in a slightly different format (not Ben's fault). I have tweaked the download view and they look much better now. Thanks for pointing that out!

5Tim Davis  22/12/2009 10:53:14  Yay!!! App App App!!

@Lewis: The BB version is almost ready to go, just needs pointing to the Ben's new 2010 db. I'll post an update when its done and tested.

(I will double-check the sort!)

6Theo Heselmans  22/12/2009 13:09:18  Yay!!! App App App!!

Thanks a lot Tim, looks great!

7Jenny Sussin  22/12/2009 16:18:14  Very Cool

This is very very cool. I am looking forward to downloading it later today!

8John Palmer  22/12/2009 16:57:59  Yay!!! App App App!!

I see it says needs iPod Touch Gen 2. What is it using that won't run on Gen 1? I'm running 3.1.2 (7D11)

9Tim Davis  23/12/2009 10:01:50  Yay!!! App App App!!

@John Palmer: It isn't doing anything special that would need a Gen 2 iPod, it looks like I just chose that category on the app store (I've changed that now). Try installing it and see if it works ok. We don't have a Touch to test on.

10John Palmer  23/12/2009 13:36:55  Yay!!! App App App!!

As of 6:30am EST Wednesday(11:30am GMT?), it wouldn't install. Came down to iTunes OK, but wouldn't transfer. I'll try again when I get home and see if it just takes the store a little time to update.

11Kendall  24/12/2009 07:42:10  Sorting’s groovy now

Thanks--I redownloaded and the sorting's groovy.

12Richard Schwartz  24/12/2009 18:12:18  Yay!!! App App App!!

Thinking of maybe trying to build a version for Android next week. Maybe.

13Jenny Sussin  26/12/2009 16:09:49  Yay!!! App App App!!

Hey, I can't get it working on my iPod Touch. Saying I need a 3.1.2 Software Update. Anyone more tech saavy that can tell me what to do?

14DasBaldGuy  29/12/2009 19:57:48  Yay!!! App App App!!

BlackBerry LS2010 App...Where can I find it?

15Martin Muehlemann  07/01/2010 10:26:17  Yay!!! App App App!!

Thank you very much for this great App!!

cu at LS2010