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The Sugababes Paradox finally completes

Tim Davis  22 September 2009 22:22:14
A long time ago I posted about the Sugababes Paradox, which is a variant of the Sorites Paradox.

I can't find the original post (it was 2005), but the idea was that as the members of the Sugababes get replaced, are they the still the Sugababes?

As of my earlier article only one original member remained, but today the BBC News site carries the sorry tale of that one original member finally being replaced: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/8268060.stm

The paradox finally hits us. The new trio are the Sugababes, but what if the original three members formed another group? Who would be the Sugababes then?

1Phil  23/09/2009 08:55:18  The Sugababes Paradox finally completes

I'd thoroughly recommend rolling the tuning knob off Kiss FM..... for the good of mankind, please.


2Lee Laycock  23/09/2009 10:50:10  The Sugababes Paradox finally completes

I think if you look at them as, say, a football team(Tottenham), players come and go, but the team remains.

If ex members formed a team, they would not be Tottenham, they would be a separate entity.

Legally it seems it's the management that hold all the cards in terms of the product(name).