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Windows 7 FAIL!

Tim Davis  23 October 2009 09:00:00
I was really impressed with the Microsoft Partner software download site. It was only marginally more difficult to navigate that the IBM Partnerworld site.

I managed to download the Office 2007 install in no time at all, and it is an ISO.

I open it up, and my only option is to burn it to disk. I can't mount it. So I can't install their own software without a writable disk or some hokey third party disk mount utility. How rubbish is that?

So I drag it to my Mac OS X desktop, open it up, drag the contents back to my Windows 7 desktop, then run the install from there.

OS X: 1, Windows 7: 0

1Pete  23/10/2009 22:49:50  Windows 7 FAIL!

While I fully understand lashing out at M$ (one of my favorite sports), how can you direct an Office 2007 issue to Windows 7?


2Tim Davis  24/10/2009 00:45:52  Windows 7 FAIL!


Hm, I didn't see it as an Office issue. I have no problem with the install being an ISO. I use them all the time in OS X. It's nice to burn them if you want to. Its just that Windows 7 can't mount ISOs.

It struck me as comedic that MS provides their software in a format that their own OS can't handle :-)

3Scott Petricig  02/11/2009 17:45:32  Windows 7 FAIL!

I don't believe Windows has ever been able to "natively" mount an ISO, but MS has offered a tool for a while now (downloadable from their website...unsupported) that can do this. I wonder if it works with Windows 7... (ha!)