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Still Time To Present At Lotusphere 2011 Or Get A Jump Start On Lotusphere2012

Gabriella Davis  22 December 2010 12:06:39
Everyone knows what Lotusphere Idol is right?  It's a fun featured session at LS where 5 or 6 new-to-Lotusphere presenters get 5 mins to present on anything they want, we then have a kind, understanding and generally encouraging panel who pick a winner.  The winner gets a 60 minute session the next day along with some coaching / help to prepare for it.  Even if you don't win, we strongly encourage all participants to submit for LS12.  Many previous idol contestants have presented at Lotusphere already and at least 2 of last year's entrants are presenting this year.

Even if you have presented at other conferences, if you haven't presented at Lotusphere this is a fantastic opportunity to try out the Lotusphere audience, introduce yourself to the Lotusphere content team and generally dip your toe in the water of Lotusphere speaking ready for 2012.

We really want new speakers and new ideas so if you're both of those we'd love to hear what you have to say.  I'm plagiarising Paul who plagiarised Rocky below with a FAQ  but feel free to ping me with any questions.

Lotusphere Idol FAQ

How exactly will this work?

There will be three steps to earn your spot as the Lotusphere Idol winner.

STEP 1: Anyone who is interested in competing in Lotusphere Idol will email a small abstract – 3-5 sentences – to Gab Davis, Ed Brill or myself. Besides your abstract, include: your submission “area” – is a “Developer” submission or an “Administrator” submission; and contact information – both your normal contact info and any contact info you can provide for you while you are at Lotusphere. Information about yourself too! The judges will choose 2-3 Administration contestants and 2-3 Development contestants.

But before you submit, there are some requirements. First, you must NOT have spoken at Lotusphere in the last 3 years, if ever. This is for those people who have never had the opportunity to speak at Lotusphere, or who haven’t in a long time. Second, you MUST commit to creating a full, 60-minute presentation in about 24-36 hours (or best, have it already done) – more on that in a bit.

STEP 2: The chosen contestants will present a 5 minute “audition” of their session during our “LOTUSPHERE IDOL LIVE” session . It will be a fun-filled session with great auditions, laughs, and more. The judges will make their decision, and then the winner will be announced LIVE at the end of the session!!

STEP 3: The winner will then have a little over a day to prepare their session – with the support and help of the Lotusphere judges. Then the Lotusphere Idol winner will present their session where they will wow the crowds with their knowledge and speaking skills, and bask in the glory of the Lotusphere stage!

Will the Lotusphere winner get any help?

Yes! Some of the judges will offer to help the winner in crafting their presentation.

Who will be the judges?

We’re still determining who will be on the stage, but additional “judges” will be in the audience as well. These “audience” judges will be comprised of the content team track managers; therefore the entire judging panel will be the track managers and the people onstage. The stage judges will be announced very soon – stay tuned! And our Master-of-Ceremonies will be none other than Ed Brill – this should be fun! Keep in mind some of the judges may be a bit *harsh*… its all in good fun. Also keep in mind they are actually picking the winner based on your session, so they will be paying attention.

Anything else?

The winner of Lotusphere Idol will also be asked to submit a session for next year’s Lotusphere – no guarantees it will be selected, but we’re always looking for new talent and finding a new speaker like this is a very good way to get noticed.

So, that’s it. Get your submissions in early, and we’ll pick the contestants by the end of December.
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