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Tweeting and foursquare check-ins in the Lotusphere Sessions Apps

Tim Davis  23 January 2011 17:37:57
So, this weekend I have been working on getting the tweeting and foursquare check-in working in all the Lotusphere Sessions Apps.

The tweeting is based on the twitter ids and the hotspot link feature in Ben's main Sessions Database. The new menu item in the apps composes a tweet with details of the session and speakers and does a twitter '@' mention for the speakers if Ben has their twitter id in his db.

The foursquare check-in is based on Chris Miller's idocheckin locations. Ben has kindly set these up in all the sessions in his db, and so we can use them here. The 'Check-in to foursquare' menu item kicks off a check-in url with the appropriate location id.

The BlackBerry apps are ready to install OTA. (We'll be submitting these to AppWorld, too, but you can use these links in the mean time.)
Here are the URLs to browse to:



Other Devices:

You will have to run a 'Load Data' to make sure you have the updated data with the twitter ids and location urls.

The iPhone and iPad versions are also completed and have been submitted to the App Store. The last versions were approved in only a couple of days, so hopefully they'll be ready soon.