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Lotusphere Sessions Ready for Mobiles

Tim Davis  23 December 2011 14:00:21
Ben Langhinrichs has his new sessions db ready with the first version of all the sessions data. If you have our mobile app for the BlackBerry, iPhone or iPad installed from last year, just tap the Reload button to bring down this year's data.

If you don't have it, you can find it by searching for "LSMobile" in BlackBerry AppWorld and the iTunes App Store. The iPad version is called "LSMobileHD". They are all free.

We have tested it on the latest BlackBerry and iOS devices, but if you have any problems let us know by posting a comment here.

Keep Reloading once day as we run up to Lotusphere to make sure you have the latest sessions details, as the scheduling will still be changing.


1Bruce Elgort  23/12/2011 15:06:01  Thank you

Tim and company,

Thank you so much for developing these mobile apps. It's very much appreciated. I was however wondering why my name is missing from the BP109 session :-)

2Paul Calhoun  23/12/2011 16:32:14  Lotusphere Sessions Ready for Mobiles

Thanks Tim !! Always a great resource to have !!!

3Chris Miller  23/12/2011 18:46:48  Lotusphere Sessions Ready for Mobiles

Awesome job once again! Even at $.99 this would be a huge deal with all the effort you put into it

4Mat Newman  23/12/2011 20:54:04  Lotusphere Sessions Ready for Mobiles

Guy's, fantastic job once again, an absolutely brilliant resource for Lotusphere. You all Rock!

5Scott Leger  23/12/2011 21:01:41  Lotusphere Sessions Ready for Mobiles

Sorry when I search in BB App World for lsmobile, no results found.

What should I search for.

6Gabriella Davis  23/12/2011 21:11:37  Lotusphere Sessions Ready for Mobiles

@bruce.. all fixed in Ben's db now so if you refresh the app you should get the new data. It's still in a state of semi flux so keep refreshing daily.

@Scott..if you can't find it we'll post a URL where you can install it from. Stay tuned

7Ray Bilyk  23/12/2011 21:19:24  Lotusphere Sessions Ready for Mobiles

Thanks to all of you for your fine work! My iPad and I really appreciate it!

Any word on an app or support for Android devices?

8Karl-Henry Martinsson  27/12/2011 15:49:59  Lotusphere Sessions Ready for Mobiles

Thank you again for the work you (and of course Ben!) has put into creating this useful tool.

My only issue with teh Blackberry version is the UI.

I have a Blackberry Bold 9700 running OS6, and when I select either of the two dropdowns (day or time) and click the trackpad button, the menu pops up. The same menu also shows up when I press the Blackberry (menu) button. I have to press "Alt" to get a líst of days or hours to select.

Also, the times (hours) are sorted alphabetically, not by time, so it start with 01.00pm and then you get 08.00am half-way down.

If you could fix that button and either sort the times from morning to evening or switch to 24hour (military time)? By the way, I have my phone set to military time, perhaps the app could detect the system setting and use the same? Just a thought.

Finally, after the data has been loaded, is there supposed to be displayed some message to indicate this? Like "All data retrived to device." or similar?

9Ed Brill  03/01/2012 00:42:57  Lotusphere Sessions Ready for Mobiles

Tim, FYI I sent Ben L an updated schedule grid over the holidays.... both you and he need to update the databases as several of the Sunday/Monday sessions are apparently off in terms of their time/date.

Thanks again as always for this great effort.

10Gabriella Davis  03/01/2012 20:18:00  Lotusphere Sessions Ready for Mobiles

Hi Ed.. thanks.. it does look off. Ben handles the data so as soon as the session db is up to date our up will auto update. Hopefully today.