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Local Archive Scheduling Puzzler

Gabriella Davis  24 February 2010 10:56:35
Last night I was presented with a puzzle - how can you tell if people have scheduled their local archives to run at a certain time?  Initially I thought it was going to be easy since the Archive scheduling appears on the Archive Settings dialog along with the other settings that are all stored with the archive profile document and visible via NotesPeek. Easy.  Sadly not, when I looked at the profile documents in my mail file using NotesPeek I couldn't see the actual schedule of the archive.

So I found myself a tame developer and got him to look at the code for archiving - some time and much swearing later it appears that the archiving functions in the mail file are undocumented and there's no way to find out where it's storing the schedule.

Finally I did some brainstorming with Susan and Marie and we discussed the idea that when you set scheduling for a server archive it's done via a program document on the server running "compact -a" - sure enough there's a hidden $Programs view in the local names.nsf and in there - a program document created for "compact -a" at a specific date and time.  

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Since it's not stored anywhere in the mail file at all there is no way I could find the scheduling by examining any of the mail file elements from the server replicas but knowing it's in the local names.nsf I can get my tame developer to knock up some code to look for it.  Unfortunately it means running the code against 600 people just to find the 10 I'm concerned about.

1Bruce Currier  24/02/2010 13:53:21  Local Archive Scheduling Puzzler

Or you could turn roaming on so the local names.nsf is up on the server. Even though we don't have any users who actually roam between computers, we turn roaming on for all client users so I have a copy of their local files when it comes time to upgrade their PC's and/or the machines crap out.

2Gabriella Davis  24/02/2010 23:51:24  Local Archive Scheduling Puzzler

You could but that's a hell of an overhead for such a small requirement plus you can't do that in a hurry. I'm leaving out all the 3rd party tools that can audit the client though as well