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One of our Dojo’s is missing

Gabriella Davis  24 February 2011 16:45:54
Received a call yesterday from a customer who we had upgraded to 8.5 and 8.5.1 with all the fixpacks in between.  They were ready to get started on deploying some Xpages goodness but their Intranet server had no Dojo.  How could this happen?  First I checked all the other servers for the missing directory under /data/domino/js - sure enough all the other servers on Windows and Linux had the /js directory, although it couldn't be seen by Domino Administrator and I had to log in the OS to see it.  The AIX server however had no js directory at all.  Weird.  I had done each install and upgrade myself and since the initial install which would have been back in v6 days, I always verify that I am doing an Enterprise install on that server which includes the Dojo files.  

Last night I took the server down to re-install and work out what was going wrong.  This time I chose custom install and when the list of installation options came up they were all selected, but when I got to the final install screen I was suspicious that Dojo wasn't listed there.  I cancelled out and went through the  Custom install again , this time drilling down into every single option I could and I discovered the only 2 checkboxes not selected on any menu were for the two versions of Dojo.  I selected those and continued with the install and ended up with a js directory where i'd expect it to be under /data/domino

If you think you have installed / upgraded to 8.5.2 and you didn't do a custom install and specifically choose the Dojo items you might want to check for the presence of that directory yourself.

Or maybe i'm just special.

1Bruce Elgort  24/02/2011 17:20:41  Thank you for sharing....

Gab - as usual thank for sharing. I too have seen this issue. Hugs!

2Erik Brooks  24/02/2011 17:24:08  One of our Dojo’s is missing

Ew.... probably always a good idea to use "Custom".

3Gabriella Davis  24/02/2011 18:34:35  One of our Dojo’s is missing

@Erik unfortunately in this circumstance even using Custom wasn't enough, you would have to drill down into each category item to confirm they were selected since all of them looked selected at parent level.

4Rob Novak  01/03/2011 21:59:47  One of our Dojo’s is missing

Excellent tip thanks Gab!