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Domino Admin On The Mac - Works For Me!

Gabriella Davis  24 August 2011 17:26:33
I love my Mac but I do have to run a Windows VM to use Domino Administrator.  Sometimes all I want to do is look at a server console or send server commands directly from my Mac client.  I know there are various tools out there to do that, in fact we have our own internal Sametime bot which was developed to stop me moaning about it but am I the only person in the world who didn't know about / thought to use @Command([AdminRemoteConsole]) tied to a custom toolbar icon?

Not only does it work, it runs in its own thread so I can leave it up and carry on with reading my mail / doing other work.  A thing of beauty.

Thanks to Jerry Liu at CS&M for that - it's going to save me a lot of frustration.