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Microsoft’s new I’m a PC Ad - More Deliciousness

Gabriella Davis  24 September 2008 22:27:54
Seen those lovely new Microsoft 'I'm a PC' ads that show people being proud of using a PC as a counterpoint to those Mac vs PC ads?
Sadly when the ads went live last weekend some intrepid soul did some digging and discovered that not only were the ads created using non-MS software (Adobe Photoshop to be precise) but they were all created using Macs :-)  How much fun is that?   Well almost as much fun as the article posted saying that the actors featured in the ads are on record as using Apple products.

You can't blame Microsoft, it must get harder and harder to find someone who will stand and declaim their love of Vista.  Even for cash up front.

1Andrew Pollack  25/09/2008 16:18:58  Microsoft’s new I’m a PC Ad - More Deliciousness

Now why do you want to go and be a hater?

I'll stick with my PC, thanks. Apple's vendor lock in is getting worse with every new product. Their hardware is over priced and inflexible, and the smugness is interoperable.

The very idea of having to visit one of their in-store "Genius" bars makes my skin crawl.

Otherwise, I like them.

2Andrew Pollack  25/09/2008 16:20:18  Microsoft’s new I’m a PC Ad - More Deliciousness

DOH! Damn you spellchecker!

I meant "Intolerable" !