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Lotusphere Sessions through iTunes!

Gabriella Davis  24 October 2008 09:50:27
We're trying something new for Lotusphere 09.  Each year we link up with Ben Langhinrichs to port his sessions db to Blackberry devices as a locally installed application (GPRS reception not being great inside the conference hotels).  This year we are producing the Blackberry sessions db again (with some surprises) but Tim has also been developing an offline sessions db for the iPhone platform.  I know we could go with a web app but I defy anyone to get reception in the product showcase :-)

Distribution is the biggest problem with iPhone applications as we've discovered so we're going to be issuing it through iTunes and the App store for free (obviously) download.  Anyone want to suggest a category to list it under?


1sursinus  24/10/2008 11:46:26  Lotusphere Sessions through iTunes!

Great to hear. Hope everything gets done before the start of LS09 :-)

I would suggest it to post it in the category "Productivity" I Guess thats the best Category where a tool like this fits in.

Hope to see and hear your annnounce of the iPhone version soon :-)