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Working on the Lotusphere Sessions Apps

Tim Davis  24 December 2010 10:16:17
You may be pleased to hear that we are planning to have the BlackBerry and iPhone versions of the Lotusphere Sessions App available for download by the New Year. You may also be interested that we are also planning an additional iPad version, plus some new features for the BlackBerry version.

As you can see in Ben's sessions db, there are new areas such as the Virtual Bookstore. You can connect using Notes on our public server Tranquility/TurtlePublic (lotusphere.turtleweb.com) and the database is \lsess11.nsf. On the web, you can access it at http://lotusphere.turtleweb.com/lsess11.nsf.

1Marie Scott  24/12/2010 13:04:20  Working on the Lotusphere Sessions Apps

Thanks! I look forward to seeing the iPad version!

2Ben Langhinrichs  24/12/2010 14:09:34  Working on the Lotusphere Sessions Apps

Terrific! I hope you are able to add something that shows/uses the Twitter ids, because people are more likely to tweet from their mobile device than from a laptop.

3Chris Miller  24/12/2010 17:24:17  Working on the Lotusphere Sessions Apps

And if we can use the API to have it allow you to check into the room using Foursquare that would be incredible. I already have the widgets built for the web and some more surprises. But having that matched to the room name would make it so simple across the apps. There is already one premade for the iphone we found on the web.

4Mitch Cohen  26/12/2010 01:35:04  Working on the Lotusphere Sessions Apps

First - Thanks for hosting Ben's DB and creating blackberry/iphone/ipad versions.

Any plans for and Android version?

5Rob Novak  28/12/2010 23:27:42  Working on the Lotusphere Sessions Apps

Can I look over your shoulder at the iPad version? :-)