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LS09 Update Pt 1: Minor Disasters (and some scarring)

Gabriella Davis  25 January 2009 01:03:04
So I didn't blog all through Lotusphere last week (how does anyone find the time?) so this week I'll be posting my impressions and comments from the show but I have 3 'Minor Disasters' I wanted to post about whilst they were front of mind (and to act as a warning to you all :-))

When Online Data Gets Old and Helpful Tweets Go Wrong

On Monday afternoon I rushed to Dolphin Americas for my Show and Tell session with Paul Mooney on ID Vault and DAOS, so imagine my surprise when I got there to find an empty darkened room.  On checking the printed Agenda, it turns out the session was at the Swan hotel instead so I rushed over and just made it in time.  What went wrong?  Well unfortunately Ben's session db (which he populates by pulling data from LS Online) had got out of date and since we use that for our Blackberry db and iPhone app, it was all wrong.  To make things worse, someone sent out a tweet which was received on countless phones and devices saying that our session was at the Dolphin, I assume thinking they were being helpful and that the paper schedule was out of date!

Ours wasn't the only session that was out of date and the mis-tweets carried on sending people to wrong rooms all week to the frustration of attendees, speakers and the organisers.  

Note for next year:  The paper agenda is the definitive source for all session details.

Time to speak up

During Gurupalooza someone from the audience asked a question about ID Vault, which I would have answered but another person on stage had the mic and he proceeded to answer telling the person to "make sure they take replicas of the ID Vault".  I should have jumped in and corrected him then and 2 people came up to me afterwards to ask me why I didn't (since they had seen my presentation).  So just to clear this up here

Taking replicas of your ID Vault doesn't help you, you have to go into the ID Vault management (via |D Vaults - Manage on the Configuration tab of the Admin client) and 'Manage Server Replicas' from there - adding and removing servers as necessary.

Note for next year:  Don't let bad information sit out there because you don't want to speak up.

Time to stop working and sleep

Late night back at the Dolphin on Thursday I went to bed and opened the Macbook to do a bit of work and make some notes for Friday.  Unfortunately I should have just gone to sleep as about 5 mins into waiting for a db to open over the incredibly slow connection, I fell asleep, my head fell forward hard onto the open aliminium screen casing of my Macbook and I cut my upper lip open.  I had to check out of the hotel with a rather lovely hitler style plaster hovering above my top lip.

Note for next year:  Sometimes you just have to give in and catch up on sleep

1Kathy Brown  26/01/2009 16:24:22  LS09 Update Pt 1: Minor Disasters (and some scarring)

Definitely speak up! :) I just wanted to comment that I saw you at the Nerd Girl panel and really enjoyed the session. I am just a lowly developer, but you really seem to know your stuff, so SPEAK UP. Go girl power!

2Mary Ann May  26/01/2009 17:48:50  LS09 Update Pt 1: Minor Disasters (and some scarring)

So, you found the ONLY way for your "fear of speaking to an empty room" to become a reality!! Bet once you got to the right room it was packed! ;-)

3Gab Davis  27/01/2009 01:08:48  LS09 Update Pt 1: Minor Disasters (and some scarring)

@Kathy - really glad you made it to the panel, we also had a great BOF and are hoping to do more with the Nerd Girl group soon

@Mary Ann - honestly it was like one of those nightmare's where you turn up a day late to the exam but yes, when I got to the right room we had packed it out and overflowed (I credit Paul with that mostly though) :-)