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Stupid Amounts of Multitasks

Gabriella Davis  25 June 2009 13:55:41
Recently I've taken to ranting over my Macbook which I've always been thrilled with, specifically ranting over how it slows down when VMWare Fusion starts or stops.  I've been considering upgrading to a model with more memory because even though I carefully store applications in 1 of 4 spaces to try and keep my working 'desktop' as clear as possible, that's been getting more and more difficult recently.

Someone in the office just walked by whilst I was doing an Expose of all my Spaces and applications and pointed out that maybe I need to rationalise how many things I try and do at once.

Image:Stupid Amounts of Multitasks


1Carl Tyler  25/06/2009 14:47:10  Stupid Amounts of Multitasks

If I remember rightly, wouldn't a portal fix this? People don't alt tab or so I was told :-)