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A Sad Loss - George Paglia

Gabriella Davis  25 September 2011 19:01:04
Last week our Lotus Community lost a friend. George Paglia was a well known Developer and reluctant Administrator (as he often told me laughingly) who had worked at  LeCroy for the past 11 years and at IBM for years before that.  I met George at Lotusphere many years ago, and at every subsequent Lotusphere since.  He always came to Admin sessions because that's what he needed to know although his heart belonged to development.  He was always excited about what he was learning and keen to tell me "I can't wait to get back to the office and do this stuff".  At our Nerd Girls panel last year George came along and talked very eloquently about the challenges facing women in the workforce and specifically within the IT industry as he knew well from his work running Computertots.

Sadly, George died very suddenly last Tuesday.  His friends and colleagues at LeCroy are collecting a scrapbook of memories for his familly and if you knew George and would like to contribute to that please add your memories to this blog and I will arrange for those to be sent on.  My thoughts are with his family, his wife and children. He was a wonderful man and he is very fondly remembered.

Here is a link to George's obituary http://obits.nj.com/obituaries/starledger/obituary.aspx?pid=153833025

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1Ed Brill  25/09/2011 20:32:05  A Sad Loss - George Paglia

I am very sad to hear of George's sudden passing. He was a passionate man, who stood on his principles and fought for them. I enjoyed hearing from him frequently, and the regular opportunities to meet at Lotusphere and other events. The Notes community stars shine a little less bright for me this week. I will remember George fondly.

2Mary Beth Raven  25/09/2011 20:38:20  A Sad Loss - George Paglia

I second Ed's comments. I was always a pleasure to see George at events, and he'll be missed.

3Tim Davis  25/09/2011 20:52:40  A Sad Loss - George Paglia

George was a lovely fellow. I met him many times at Lotuspheres over the years. He was always friendly and positive and bright and happy. His passing is very sad.

4John Head  25/09/2011 21:04:30  A Sad Loss - George Paglia

Very as to hear. He was a sweet man who I remember never having a bad thing to say about any presenter. He has left his family and friends far too young.

5Paul Mooney  25/09/2011 21:09:49  A Sad Loss - George Paglia

A gentleman.

That's the only term that comes to mind when thinking of George. My deepest sympathy to his colleagues and family.

6Andy Donaldson  25/09/2011 22:41:58  A Sad Loss - George Paglia

That's so sad to hear. Always loved seeing George down in Orlando. Always a hardy handshake and a how you been. My sympathy to his family and friends.

7Kathleen McGivney  26/09/2011 05:42:44  A Sad Loss - George Paglia

I was very sad to hear of George's sudden passing. He was always a smiling and friendly presence at Lotus events. My condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues.

8Joyce Davis  26/09/2011 12:18:28  A Sad Loss - George Paglia

So sorry to hear this. I pray that his family finds comfort in knowing how much he will be missed in the Lotus community. Thanks for posting this, Gab.

9Jim Casale  26/09/2011 12:34:42  A Sad Loss - George Paglia

When I first met George he made me feel like we were long time friends. He was a very kind man who always made the room a little bit brighter. He will be missed for sure...

10Mark Feinman  26/09/2011 14:42:35  A Sad Loss - George Paglia

I was very saddened to hear about George's passing. I got to know him very well at a NYLUG meeting several years ago, although I had known of him for some time before that. Imagine how surprised we were to find out that he lived only 15 minutes away from me! We'd exchange development & admin war stories. It seemed he knew everybody in the Lotus community. He certainly spoke his mind when he had a strong opinion about something, and was never afraid to ask the tough questions everyone else was thinking about. I'll miss him. May we be comforted by our memories of him.

11Foua Vang  26/09/2011 15:00:50  A Sad Loss - George Paglia

This is so sad. I met him at Lotusphere and he really was a very kind and wonderful person. My condolences to his family and friends.

12Andy Pedisich  26/09/2011 15:09:18  A Sad Loss - George Paglia

I was shocked and saddened hearing about George. We spoke at Lotusphere and other events. He will be missed. Our condolences to his family and friends.

13francie tanner  26/09/2011 15:39:44  A Sad Loss - George Paglia

I don't remember when I met George but he was always there, at many of my sessions, one of those smiling faces in the crowd, with a pad and pen in his lap. He was always interested in learning, asking questions and at the same time helping others learn. He will be greatly missed, for his positive energy, enthusiasm and kindness. My sincere condolences to his family.

14Bob Donahue  26/09/2011 16:26:55  A Sad Loss - George Paglia

Very sorry to hear of George's passing. He was always a welcome presence at our technical events in NYC, adding a wealth of knowledge and help to everyone. My sincere condolences.

15Karl-Henry Martinsson  26/09/2011 16:35:24  A Sad Loss - George Paglia

I talked to George almost every year at Lotusphere. I always had some questions about development that covered his expertize. He was a great guy, very nice and friendly. I always looked forward to see him, so it was a shock to hear about his death.

My thoughts go out to his family, friends and co-workers.

16Seth Avidon  26/09/2011 17:15:06  A Sad Loss - George Paglia

My condolences to George's family and friends. The IBM/Lotus team in NYC knew George well and we will miss him at our local events and at Lotusphere.

17Geoffrey Leonard  26/09/2011 21:22:33  A Sad Loss - George Paglia

George was always a ball of energy. I have very fond memories of him, not only from our many visits to LeCroy, but our countless dinners at Lotusphere. Its a rarity to come across a more genuine and kind human being than George. He will be sadly missed by many.

18Christin Linke  27/09/2011 14:39:09  A Sad Loss - George Paglia

I am shocked to read these sad news. George was the first Notes geek I met at my first Lotusphere, such a kind person who laughingly took me under his wing and oh boy, he was indeed such a ball of energy! :) I shall treasure fond memories of the enthusiastic great person he was and send my thought to his family and friends. He will be sadly missed. :(