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A Week Late - Lotusphere Impressions

Gabriella Davis  26 January 2009 03:08:21
This was another great Lotusphere for me, although a very different one from usual (for various reasons I hit an all time low in "sessions I managed to go to").  So here are my highlights
  • Loved the OGS this year.  For the first time in many years it moved fast and although it was very sales focussed it's a headline news event and that's what we got.  Even better, aside from one presenter, there were no awkward terrible jokes and uncomfortable pauses waiting for a laugh
  • Bob Picciano appears to be very good news for the Lotus community.  I tend to be overly optimistic but he went to a lot of trouble to meet, talk and listen to people all week and although I'm sure he has an agenda already decided, everyone I met felt upbeat about what he and his team could deliver once they met him.  In 15 years of Lotusphere I don't recall any General Manager going to so much effort to get to know the community and that's a great start.  
  • Quickr for Domino is back! Despite all the rumours of its imminent demise in favour of J2EE, it was great to hear of further developments in the product running through 2009 and finally see Blackberry support (and Connections on the BB looked great too)
  • Sametime 8.5 and the Sametime Unified Telephony tools look very cool - but despite my best efforts (and those of others) it was like trying to catch smoke finding out the size and scope of the architecture behind the demos.  I'm sympathetic that they aren't ready yet to talk about hardware and requirements but with launches scheduled for this year I'm hoping to see something more concrete soon
  • Innovation Labs - always one of my favourite stopping points.  
    I thought the Sametime 3D demo was interesting (basically ST in Second Life) and I know they have only just started tested it in real life situations but I'm not sure, having tried to use Second Life, how easy to use it will be for most people.
    The poor guy who had tag clouds for Notes documents got very scared when I virtually jumped on him demanding when we could have it, basically tag any document and have the tag cloud appear in your sidebar or click on a document and drop it on a word in the cloud to tag it.  Fantastically useful.

    Mashup widget.   As a result of this year's IBM Hackday I saw this widget which allowed you to wire together components from a Mashup server into a Notes composite app.  Very very cool.
  • Nerd Girl panel and BOF.  I loved this new initiative and if nothing else I met some great interesting women as part of attending but it hurt me to miss the inauguration :-)  I think as we ran through the BOF we started to boil down what the whole Nerd Girl idea was about and what we wanted from it and I hope we can take forward the ideas of support, mentoring, and establishing a community together.  We already have a group on Facebook and soon should have a LotusLive (formally Bluehouse) community set up.
  • A downside of the OGS being so slick was that a lot of content was shifted out to separate topic related keynotes, not all of which I could make so I had to scrabble around a bit for news
  • I loved doing my sessions but regret that the Show and Tell session I did with Paul Mooney couldn't be repeated due to scheduling as not only did we fill our room and go to overflow, a lot of people walked out of the overflow as they couldn't see the monitors and (see yesterday's post) a lot of people went to the wrong room.   The good thing about Show and Tell is that it's all on the slides so download SHOW101 to learn how to set up and configure ID Vault and DAOS (better yet wait until I post the updated ones tomorrow on this blog since the LS Online ones are a bit outdated)
  • My best Kimonos intentions came to nothing.  I was speaking every day through to Wednesday so thought I'd go out Wednesday night, but was taken ill (possibly related to too many cocktails in a short space of time on top of being tired).  Then I planned to go Thursday but lost my nerve.  My resolution for next year is to be more social and not assume I only get invited along as a kindness.

What I always hope from Lotusphere is that I'll learn a lot, meet up with friends and come out feeling energised about the technology and what we do, on all those terms LS09 was a winner for me and I can't wait until LS10!  


1Kim  30/01/2009 08:24:32  A Week Late - Lotusphere Impressions

Hi Gab.

We are all late posting our Lotusphere impressions - we havent managed it yet;)

Thaks for great presentations at LS..- made it to a couple of yours and will be waiting for you updated Idvault one.

The Nerd Girl on Facebook - just search for Nerd Girl?

2Ron  30/01/2009 17:24:03  A Week Late - Lotusphere Impressions


Great presentations at LS but am I overlooking something or have you not yet posted the SHOW101 updated slides? I can't seem to locate them.