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A Bad Luck Attractor

Gabriella Davis  26 October 2008 22:59:18
It started Friday - driving out for lunch on Oxford St with Tim we got hit from behind by a large lorry which knocked us into a van in front.  Hung up on the two and with the lorry driver shouting it wasn't his fault, a double decker bus attempted to squeeze past the passenger side of the car. Since we were already wedged we couldn't go anywhere and eventually the bus driver realised the grinding noise meant maybe he should stop.  So he did.  Then he tried again and once more for luck completely crushing my side of the car and pushing us further into the Lorry.  Luckily a cabbie pulled over and gave us his details saying he would confirm it was all the bus' fault because the lorry driver and van driver both scarpered as soon as the lights changed.

We had already planned to drive to Germany on Saturday for AdminCamp and that meant arranging a hire car on Saturday.  Hertz took the booking for the car but when we turned up they had 'run out' of cars(!) so we spent the rest of Saturday getting our broken car into decent enough condition to drive across Germany and confirmed by a garage and our insurance company.

Saturday night we picked Andrew up from Heathrow only to discover his confirmed , fully pre-paid, hotel room was no longer available and the hotel was full (some kind of mix up at their end) - since it was already late at night he agreed to make do with our spare room.  Which was full of the contents of our garden shed, which had been dismantled that week and was awaiting its replacement next week.

Today I got everyone up early so we didn't miss the train only to realise too late that the clocks went back overnight and so we spent an hour waiting at the Eurotunnel station in the car, in the cold.  Oh and it rained solidly for the entire drive to Gelsenkirchen and then stopped as soon as we got here.

I have at least managed to build a CentOS VM for 8.5 tonight so that's 1 tick in the achievement box and i'm quitting whilst I'm ahead.  A new shiny week is about to start.


1Chris Whisonant  26/10/2008 23:58:58  A Bad Luck Attractor

OUCH! Glad all are ok from the accident! Here's hoping that the week turns out much better than the weekend!

2Ray Bilyk  27/10/2008 16:02:24  A Bad Luck Attractor

Wow! Glad everyone's okay!

Some days, it seems like the best thing to do is to crawl back into bed and wait until it's over...

3francie  28/10/2008 02:32:42  A Bad Luck Attractor

As you well know, I have experience in these things and would like to suggest that the words "thiny" and "new week" only should be used together in a sentence when it's NOT actually Monday, which are just destined to suck.

So after a week where you didn't manage to kill yourself or someone else.... on a Friday evening..... late at the bar.... then you shall exclaim "what a glorious shiny new week this is/has been".

Now you know, and please do let us all know how this week turned out for you :-)

4Jerry Carter  28/10/2008 13:51:19  A Bad Luck Attractor

Taking honors in the category of "dark humor", "Gabi's Germany Trip". My word. Here's to your health and that of your compatriots... if it hadn't happened for real to real people it would be funny. Your survivorship is an inspiration. :-)