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Getting the iPhone Lotusphere sessions app ready

Tim Davis  26 November 2009 15:47:26
With the LS10 sessions (almost) announced, and the BlackBerry sessions app updated, I am now working on updating the iPhone version for 2010.

The main bit of fun I am having is with the SDK3's Core Data Model, which is an implementation of the Cocoa data model for persistent store on the iPhone. It has a database-like functions built into it, including queries and sorts. So I am ripping out the sqlite I used last year in the SDK2 version, and replacing it with core data methods.

There's also a bit of tweaking needed to bring some of the UI elements up to date with the SDK3 framework, but it doesn't look too bad. When I'm done, I'll fire it on up to the AppStore and cross my fingers :-)


1Jason Hook  26/11/2009 16:27:44  Getting the iPhone Lotusphere sessions app ready

And perhaps a little video so we can see what it's like whilst we wait?

2Bruce Elgort  26/11/2009 16:53:22  wOOt!

Yay!! Tim thank you SOOOOOOO much for creating this app!!!!

3Rock  26/11/2009 17:24:16  Getting the iPhone Lotusphere sessions app ready

Tim, you are a GOD for doing this. I know the many iPhone users will be MOST appreciative of this when you're done. Let me know when you finish it, and I'll cross-post about it to try to let as many people as possible know about it.

Also, would you mind pinging me sometime so I can learn more about what it's like to do apps for the iPhone? I would love to learn more about this, and I can't think of a better mentor ;)


4Sjaak Ursinus  27/11/2009 13:24:48  Getting the iPhone Lotusphere sessions app ready


As soon your app is ready please let me know and I will Cross Post it as well ! Als I will twitter it on my network and to all lists available in Twitter related to Lotus.

Hope it will be ready and approved soonish

5Theo Heselmans  27/11/2009 14:40:06  Getting the iPhone Lotusphere sessions app ready


Tx so much for doing this again.

Even if last time it took a long time to get through the Apple approval procedure, it was worth the wait.

6Pierre Lalonde  30/11/2009 13:45:45  Getting the iPhone Lotusphere sessions app ready

Hi Tim,

Could it be possible that your APP is only available in the US iTunes Store? Here in Canada, it seems that it's not available and it refering us to the US Store.

Thanks anyway!