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Lotusphere Redux and My Slides

Gabriella Davis  27 January 2010 22:57:12
Well Lotusphere is over (late to the party again I know) and I'm still in the US working and resting.  It was a weird but great conference for me - for the first year ever I made it to no sessions other than the opening and closing and ones I participated in and didn't even make it to the product showcase.  I did however spend many hours in the labs, and my thanks to the Sametime team who listened to me for nearly 4 hrs on Weds afternoon and laughed as I chipped in answering ad hoc questions from other customers in return.  As always there wasn't nearly enough time and I finished the week with a long list of things I wish I had time for (I brought back the showcase guide so I can read through it and make contact with exhibitors myself).

Although there were no huge announcements this was definitely a year for solidifying confidence in the Lotus products and I had more than one meeting with customers who were keen to start upgrading to 8.5 and deploying Sametime , Connections or Quickr.  Unlike several others I was a big fan of Project Vulcan or "the vision thing" - as far as I am concerned answers to questions about how and when will come in time, right now collaborative software needs someone to take the lead in innovation and that certainly isn't coming from Microsoft.  As for Google's vision, I remain unconvinced by Wave which behaves more like a game then something that helps with my productivity.  There also appeared to be a distinct shift in the message from IBM in the last 12 months from "everything will be in the Cloud" to "use the Cloud to collaborate with customers and integrate it with your Enterprise apps", a much stronger and more tenable strategy I believe.

For those of you that missed it we had a fantastic Nerd Girl panel and BOF and have started a LinkedIn Group and hopefully soon a IM community - more news here soon and feel free to ping me or one of the other Nerd Girls if you'd like to join in.  Our Nerd Girl buttons disappeared quickly, this one is my favourite

Image:Lotusphere Redux and My Slides

So as I look back on Lotusphere I have some thank you's and some lessons learned (again!)

  • Getting in the pool for 5.30am each day for an hour meant I felt more refreshed and energised this LS than I can ever remember.  Even if I did see WAY too many people in their underwear on the way to and from the pool - shut your curtains if you're on the ground floor,  people :-)
  • Sorry to the people who I ran past during the week shouting "can't stop" - I really couldn't but wish I could
  • It's all about the shoes, this year loosely done up trainers got me through the week with no blisters
  • Dosing up with Berocca and Echinacea the week before LS and during LS itself seemed to keep illnesses at bay and I highly recommend it
  • I have given up trying for more than 3hrs sleep a night, once I accepted that it made hitting a brick wall of tired at 10pm each night easier to handle and push through
  • Warm apple cider with tequila at Blue Zoo is addictive and impossible so far to re-create
  • Everyone who auditioned for Lotusphere Idol - genuinely you were all great and I really hope you submit next year and write on your abstracts that you were in Idol in 2010
  • Susan Bulloch for doing all the hard work for the Nerd Girl panel and letting me waltz in at the break and 'moderate'
  • Kathleen McGivney and Atom Moore for the door to door car service which stopped me panicking
  • Kristen Keene and Ragan Folan who made my week and made me cry at the same time
  • Everyone else who didn't turn up at the pool at 5.30 in the morning

So here are my presentation slides, I hope you managed to make a session and found it useful and if not, that these stand alone as of some interest

Admin Bootcamp - Domino Security A-Z (with Andrew Pollack)
BOOT102 - AZ of Domino Security.pdf

Sametime 8.5 - How Do I Get There From Here
BP116 - Sametime 8.5 How Do I Get There From Here.pdf

ID Vault and DAOS (with Paul Mooney)
SHOW101 - ID Vault and DAOS.pdf

Admin Bootcamp - Upgrading to 8.5 (with Marie Scott and Franziska Tanner)
BOOT103 - Pain Free 8.5 Upgrade.pdf