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Best Lotusphere, plus my slides

Tim Davis  28 January 2010 17:00:00
I absolutely loved this Lotusphere. I have been thinking about it and I can't really say why. I guess a hundred small things all add up to a great experience.

Here are a few small things (in no particular order):

- Swimming at 5:30am.
- Giving my second Lotusphere session. I got allowed back! And I got great feedback!
- My refillable coke flask from Picabu. (Hint: don't alternate coke and coffee without rinsing in between).
- Tweeting. My first tweet in the OGS was my first tweet ever. Also Gab thinks I'm funny.
- The race from Gab's first Tuesday session to her next. And back again for her third. Thanks to Kathleen and Atom for the ride. Go go go!
- Taking the boat from the Dolphin to Hollywood Studios to Yacht Club to Boardwalk and back again, just to clear our heads.
- Sitting on the beach after the Sunday party until they took the heater away.
- Our new Mifi hub giving us 2Mb internet everywhere. Huge thanks to Andrew for sorting this for us.
- Getting better at no sleep.
- Squashed muffin I found in my backpack saved from breakfast the day before. Yum.
- How uplifting the Nerd Girl panel was.
- Fantasia golf innuendo never gets old.
- Kimonos' cucumber saki martinis.
- Catching up with old friends and yet still somehow managing to make new ones.

And this is all nothing to do with the official content which provided a solid optimistic backdrop to the whole event. There's probably loads more, but you get the idea. Already looking forward to next year.

And here are the slides for my session on developing for mobile devices, BlackBerrys and iPhones:
I hope they are useful. Get in touch if you have any questions.

1Marie Scott  28/01/2010 17:24:13  Best Lotusphere, plus my slides

It was great meeting you Tim! Thanks for being part of the Nerd Girl support crew! :)

2Kathy Brown  28/01/2010 18:01:33  Best Lotusphere, plus my slides

So, of course, *I* will ask this...what's your twitter id? :-)

3Tim Davis  29/01/2010 02:11:16  Best Lotusphere, plus my slides

I am timdturtle on twitter. I just did a bunch of tweets commenting on the iPad announcement yesterday. I am starting to get the hang of it :-)

4Albert Buendía  29/01/2010 12:02:20  Best Lotusphere, plus my slides

Tim, muchas gracias por compartir tu excelente presentación, and a quick Spanish lesson, ;)

Regards, Albert.