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Virgin Reparation

Gabriella Davis  27 February 2009 14:20:18
Following my rant about my trip back from Lotusphere with Virgin airlines, I went ahead and emailed their customer service department.  I received a reply last week from a woman signing herself "Executive Assistant to Richard Branson" (hmm wonder how many of those there are??)

She explained that because my ticket was non-changeable non-refundable (yes I'm just that cheap) I couldn't be moved to a flight on another day (not sure why since they cancelled my flight not me but anyway).  However she assured me that it was their policy to:
  • Offer food vouchers at the airport whilst we were delayed for hours (didn't happen)
  • Hand out a voucher for 40,000 free airmiles (didn't happen)
  • Refund the difference between what we paid and the class we were flown back in (still waiting)

I also pointed out that the miles we earnt for the flight back were for the class we flew not the class we booked.  To be very fair she credited us the correct miles plus the bonus miles and i'm sure the refund will be forthcoming.

I understand the pressure of attempting to relocate an entire planeful of passengers means the gate crew may forget to let people know of the compensation they should be getting but wonder how many others bothered emailing a complaint.  

In the end I think the compensation is fair so hope this helps in knowing what to ask for if it happens to you.

1Devin Olson  27/02/2009 16:10:21  Virgin Reparation

I believe the important question here has been left a bit open: Next year will you be flying Virgin, BA, or KLM? ;-)


2Peter Smith  27/02/2009 16:21:21  Virgin Reparation

I'm still waiting to hear when we can claim the compensation that's due for the fuel surcharge price fixing between them and BA. :-)

I'm tempted to switch from Virgin because their Gatwick fleet is getting tatty and there is no sign of them investing to update the planes (unlike the Heathrow fleet).

*rant over*

3Richard Schwartz  27/02/2009 16:57:43  Virgin Reparation

And I thought from the subject line that this post would be about an entirely different topic! ;-)

4Julian Woodward  28/02/2009 06:46:10  Virgin Reparation

"because my ticket was non-changeable non-refundable " ... "I couldn't be moved to a flight on another day"

Hmm, smells of bull to me. If that was true they wouldn't be able to move you to a different flight on the same day either. Oh, except, that's exactly what they did. Definitely bull.

But the rest of what they've done seems fair, although they should be offering this, not requiring people to ask for what they're entitled to under "policies".

I'm with Peter: the Virgin fleet at Gatwick is shoddy now, and the treatment they gave you shows them in a very had light. It'll be BA next time for me, unless Virgin pull their digit out of whichever orifice into which it is currently plunged.

5Gab Davis  28/02/2009 16:37:25  Virgin Reparation

No, i'll never fly Virgin again given the choice of them or BA. It was a tough call this year for Florida since Virgin and BA both fly there and we chose Virgin for the single reason that they have the Downtown Disney drop off for bags early in the morning when you have an evening flight. Bad mistake.

I'd also agree the planes are getting old and shabby, the plane we eventually flew back on had ashtrays fitted to the seats ! Mostly though I'll avoid flying an airline with so few planes.

I"m yet to find a complaint with BA who I've been flying exclusively for 18 months so now I just have to find something to do with the 90k Virgin miles :-)

6Jason Hook  01/03/2009 22:58:53  Virgin Reparation

"woman signing herself "Executive Assistant to Richard Branson" (hmm wonder how many of those there are??)"

Can't answer that but I bet she's pretty!