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Gabriella Davis  27 March 2012 14:55:26
This is a joint post by Paul and Gab.   As posted on here a few weeks ago and due to the feedback from the community and IBM, we have decided to go live with an education site dedicated to IBM connections software.  So (drum roll), www.connections101.net is now up.  To start we are going to take you through our steps and tips on how to install a Pilot connections deployment.  This may take some time, but we will get there.  As we are finding our feet, the site may change a bit over the coming weeks, but as ever, we focus on content

Paul and Gab

1Dan Soares  27/03/2012 21:05:19  Connections101 Blog

Hey Gab and Paul,

Thanks so much for doing this. My network guy and I are going to attempt to follow around and we were wondering about the system requirements for this. We'd like to use one physical box with 4 VMS's. What would be the requirements for that box?



2Mike Smith  23/04/2012 17:12:30  Connections101 Blog

Module 5 of connections101 entitled 'Installing DB2' has just been published, take a look over at { Link }

3Mike Smith  08/05/2012 10:35:39  Connections101 Blog

Gabriella Davis and Paul Mooney talk about connections101 on the latest Taking Notes podcast - Episode 153: 2012.05.07 - Connections101 is 'a project to document the steps involved with building an IBM Connections server from scratch using a "module-based" approach.

In the podcast they discuss: What motivated them to do this in the first place? What kinds of questions are customers asking about Connections? Is it really that complicated of a product to set up? What is the difference between Connections101 and the IBM wikis? Do IBM Lotus Notes and Domino customers already have an entitlement to IBM Connections? And much more...'