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Wasted 2 hours watching "The Social Network" this weekend

Tim Davis  28 February 2011 11:02:05
The Oscars went the right way, The King's Speech was much better.

The Social Network was just dull, with no interesting characters or plot. Except the two honestly fascinating plot points where they got 500,000 venture capital from seemingly nowhere (what did Sean Parker do?), and where they diluted the best friend's shares. I'd watch a movie just about that finance stuff.

Watching a charmless borderline-aspergers programmer plodding through life intermittently bragging about getting more and more facebook members mixed in with insulting lawyers is not my kind of fun. Justin Timberlake breathed a bit a life into the proceedings, but it came across more like a documentary and if you want to watch a big-business high-finance evil-businessmen documentary you want to watch "The Smartest Men in the Room" instead.

Also, Gab only told me near the end that the twins were one actor with his face CGI'd onto another actor's head. If I'd known that from the start, it would have given me something to watch.

Not impressed by Kevin Spacey any more.

1Julian Woodward  28/02/2011 11:35:16  Wasted 2 hours watching The Social Network this weekend

I rather enjoyed it. Each to their own :)

But, yes, the King's Speech is an infinitely superior film.

The Social Network was worth watching, though, I thought. Good soundtrack too.