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Turtle and Bluewave Partnering - Bigger and Better!

Gabriella Davis  28 April 2009 12:52:35
I'm delighted to announce that, after working together informally on various projects, Turtle and Bluewave / BE Systems are now partnering together to bring you more people and a wider range of skills and services.

Not least, this means that I can look forward to working more with Paul, Warren and their entire team of tiny technical wizards and we can now bring you over 40 people with skills in support, administration and development on Lotus, Rational, DB2, Tivoli, Commonstore (yes Warren I said it) and Websphere products .  

News on our website here: (extract below)

Bluewave Group and Turtle Partnership Ltd partner to bring extended services, size and skills to a wider range of customers.

The Turtle Partnership (www.turtlepartnership.com) and the Bluewave Group (www.bluewave.ie, www.besystems.eu) have been cooperating in the marketplace for many years, offering services in the high-skill infrastructure and solution development range across the IBM, BlackBerry and Microsoft product brands. Following on from these successful joint endeavours, and in order to formalize this relationship, we are very pleased to announce that The Turtle Partnership has become a member of the Bluewave group partnering programme.

This new organisation has an unique depth of skills in Development, Support and Administration; "The addition of the Turtle Partnership to the Bluewave programme was a natural fit, and will have a very positive impact on our customer offerings" said Harry Dunne of Bluewave Group. Mike Smith of the Turtle Partnership added that "The combination of services, help desk operations, technical skill and personalities between the two companies allows both entities to seamlessly enhance their range and depth".

The Turtle Partnership has been in operation for 13 years offering Strategy, Support, Administration and Development skills around Lotus Collaborative software, focusing on the Domino, Sametime and Quickr product ranges. Turtle's customers range from small organisations to major corporates.  Turtle currently provide support for hundreds of servers in companies worldwide, with 40% of their customers in the US and 60% in Europe.  As administrators, Turtle provide hosting, design and management services for Lotus products as well as coexistence and integration expertise for Exchange, Groupwise and Sharepoint.  As Developers they provide high-end Notes, Web 2.0, Blackberry and iPhone development skills.

The Bluewave group has been in operation for 10 years offering a complete range of Domino and Websphere related services.  Bluewave's traditional market has mainly been the UK & Ireland, but increasingly clients are availing of Bluewave skills from the far east and mainland Europe.  In December 2007, Bluewave acquired UK based IBM Business Partner BE Systems further strengthening the group as a leading IBM Collaborative software partner.  Consultants from the Bluewave group regularly are invited to speak at industry events covering topics ranging from advanced Domino infrastructure topics to mobile development and best practice.


1Marie Scott  28/04/2009 13:52:10  Turtle and Bluewave Partnering - Bigger and Better!

Congratulations! This partnership sounds like a win, win, win for all! Best wishes for success!

2Stuart McIntyre  28/04/2009 14:18:03  Turtle and Bluewave Partnering - Bigger and Better!

Wow Mike, thats big news. Congratulations to you all on the new partnership.

3  28/04/2009 14:19:46  Turtle and Bluewave Partnering - Bigger and Better!

Congratulations to all involved.

4john wylie  28/04/2009 14:31:00  Turtle and Bluewave Partnering - Bigger and Better!

That sounds like good news!

I hope you are making the most of LCTY Manchester with that announcement.

It will be interesting to see what changes occur in the near future. Keep in touch.


5Ed Brill  28/04/2009 14:40:48  Turtle and Bluewave Partnering - Bigger and Better!

Congratulations to the Turtles and the Blues... a fantastic combination of top talent in western Europe. Looking forward to more success from your organisations.

6Carl tyler  28/04/2009 16:03:06  Turtle and Bluewave Partnering - Bigger and Better!

Congrats to all parties involved!

7Phil Dawson  29/04/2009 02:28:50  Turtle and Bluewave Partnering - Bigger and Better!

Congrats guys sounds like the start of yet another Turtle adventure (minus the ninjas of course)

: P

8Lars Olufsen  29/04/2009 08:31:42  Turtle and Bluewave Partnering - Bigger and Better!

The Dream of the Blue Turtles ... Brilliant.

Congratulations! :-)