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    Lotusphere Sessions Apps for BlackBerry

    Tim Davis  28 December 2011 16:18:37
    We are having some delays getting the LSMobile apps into the BlackBerry App World, so in the meantime the latest versions are upon our website for direct downloading. Just browse to the following urls in your BlackBerry Browser:

    For Bolds & keyboard devices:

    For Torches & touchscreen devices:

    We are looking into some issues with the date/time dropdowns on the 9600 (thanks to Karl-Henry for his feedback), and will update the download when we have an update.

    As always, thanks to everybody for their feedback.


    1Shean McManus  28/12/2011 18:16:25  Lotusphere Sessions Apps for BlackBerry

    I have found three issues with the app on a Blackberry Storm 2:

    1. The time date is sorted wrong (1pm displays before 8am).

    2. I can't open the last entry for a timeslot by tapping on it directly. Doing that just opens the Show Keyboard/Switch Application/Close menu. If I tap the Blackberry menu button I get the menu with "Display Details" that opens the session detail. Entries other than the last in a timeslot will open that screen just by tapping on the entry.

    3. Data seems incomplete at this time (many sessions without a time specified seem to have defaulted to Sunday). I suspect this is a data issue that will be worked out in the coming weeks.

    You are probably aware of issues 1 and 2 but just wanted to bring them to your attention in case they are newly reported. Love the app! It's a great resource during the conference. Thanks for your efforts.

    Shean McManus

    2Karl-Henry Martinsson  28/12/2011 21:50:01  Lotusphere Sessions Apps for BlackBerry

    @Shean: Those issues were among the ones I addressed in my comment to Tim's previous posting.

    @Tim: I was able to find/download the old version of LS Mobile from the Blackberry Appworld. However, I am not able to get the new .jad file to install through the BB browser (using the URL you supplied above), the browser just ask me if I want to save the file. "The item you selected cannot be displayed. Do you wish to save the item?" and buttons "Yes" and "No".

    Anyone else having the same issue?

    3Gabriella Davis  30/12/2011 13:55:30  Lotusphere Sessions Apps for BlackBerry

    @Karl-Henry / @Shean- the two problems you identify were both resolved on the updated sessions app last year. They should also be resolved on the one available for download. Can you confirm which version of LS Mobile you are running?

    Can you try download again and let me know if it works for you.. thanks

    4Shean McManus  03/01/2012 17:17:04  Lotusphere Sessions Apps for BlackBerry

    @Gabriella - I deleted the LS Mobile app on my device (BB Storm 2) and reinstalled from Tim's link above. Same thing happens. AM times are sorted below the PM times on the time picker. Last entry listed still doesn't open directly either. As an aside, I'm having the same sorting issue on the version for iPad which I got from the Apple store.


    5Gabriella Davis  04/01/2012 00:25:12  Lotusphere Sessions Apps for BlackBerry

    Apologies - we just found the date format in this year's sessions db has changed so the app isn't displaying it properly. Ben is running a refresh tonight and hopefully if you update / reload the data tomorrow all should be resolved.


    6Armin Kappelmayr  04/01/2012 14:06:16  Lotusphere Sessions Apps for BlackBerry

    Lotusphere Sessions Apps are not working on my BB-9800. Tried both links,.... { Link }

    and { Link }

    .... is there an own app for bb9800 available?

    thanks armin

    7Shean McMAnus  04/01/2012 19:20:14  Lotusphere Sessions Apps for BlackBerry

    Looks much better today. I see a few rep/save conflicts (Sunday 8-10am) but overall much better.


    8Mike Smith  05/01/2012 08:52:05  Lotusphere Sessions Apps for BlackBerry

    If you have downloaded / installed our Lotusphere Mobile sessions app for Blackberry or iOS please reload the data - there's lots of new info updated today. If you do have any problems then please send us your feedback.