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Lotusphere Presentation on BES Policies

Gabriella Davis  29 January 2010 03:40:51
I forgot to post this set of slides with my others - it's a presentation I did with Paul Mooney on BES Policies.  The idea was we'd hand around a few Blackberry's with policies applied for people to try out but my attempts to interact with the audience by approaching them Blackberry's in hand seemed to send everyone into a state of shock.

Here are the slides BES Policies.pdf

1Sharon M Albright  03/02/2010 20:54:34  Lotusphere Presentation on BES Policies

Would you happen to know where I can get the RIM 101 & RIM 102 presentations from LS 2010 ? I missed these sessions

I've got yours and Paul's - Thanks !

Thanks in advance

2Gabriella Davis  04/02/2010 01:32:35  Lotusphere Presentation on BES Policies

I don't I'm afraid. I believe RIM were going to post them but I'm not sure where. I'll see if I can find out