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My Summer With Sametime 8.5 (a tale unspoken)

Gabriella Davis  29 September 2009 06:28:10
It goes like this

"Blog what you've been working on Gab"
"I can't it's all under NDA"
"Blog what you can"
"OK but that may be more annoying than blogging nothing"


Some people have holidays, some people spend time with their kids, some people take up new hobbies - for me this summer was all about Sametime 8.5.  I'm completely under NDA so obviously I can't tell you any more about it than has been talked about publicly by IBM  (or I would have to hunt each of you down individually to silence you and I don't have time for that).  However as part of Collaboration University in London and Chicago this year, we had an exemption from the NDA so I spent this summer installing and installing and testing and doing my best to break Sametime 8.5 (as well as bothering the development team far more than my share) to put together detailed presentations on each of the new components. If you made it to CU this year then you have copies of those presentations but the NDA extends to them too,   so let's walk the tightrope of what is public and outside NDA together
  • Instant Messaging remains on Domino and runs on Domino 8.5.  It's the only Domino component of the new infrastructure which has otherwise been moved to Websphere but for those of you that haven't used Websphere before that's not nearly as scary as it sounds (trust me, I'm an admin)
  • There is a completely redesigned Meeting Center experience (which was l-o-n-g overdue) and a new Meeting Center client that launches from Sametime Connect or Notes embedded.  It performs much faster, is easier to use and has some really cool new features which I can't talk about other than to say that it's finally a competitive web conferencing client
  • The new Meeting Center client is the recommended method of attending meetings although there is also a browser client and both are designed to be fast loading using no Java applets and standard HTTP protocols (much easier to get through firewalls)
  • There is a new no download, entirely customisable and componentised Ajax based proxy client that can act as a browser client to your Sametime IM.
  • The audio and video components have been enhanced and separated onto a new server for use in both meetings and chat

I can also say that Sametime 8.5 is coming soon and that you're going to want to move to it. The other piece of good news is that it won't involve any kind of rip and replace of your current infrastructure or even a sudden cutover to it as considerable time has been spent ensuring it can sit alongside earlier versions.

 Is that annoying and vague enough?

1Ian Scott  29/09/2009 07:36:17  My Summer With Sametime 8.5 (a tale unspoken)

The Meeting Centre appears then to have been moved onto Websphere but it isn't rip and replace. I'm confused!

2Gab Davis  29/09/2009 10:06:34  My Summer With Sametime 8.5 (a tale unspoken)

The old style meeting center is still there on the Domino Sametime IM server - you just wouldn't want to use it as it's for backwards compatability. Hopefully that isn't saying too much

3Phil Warner  29/09/2009 12:19:45  My Summer With Sametime 8.5 (a tale unspoken)

Having been at CU I can confirm that there are lots of good reasons to move to 8.5.