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Leaving Gelsenkirchen In One Piece and Dubious Confessions

Gabriella Davis  29 October 2008 12:42:45
So far the week is going reasonably well.  I've just finished my last session at Admin Camp in Gelsenkirchen and it's been a great conference, a big turnout of interested attendees and great organisation by Rudi and his colleagues.  It's not their fault that my German isn't good enough to attend many other sessions.  Nor that I couldn't read enough to understand that lunch and dinner were laid on each day and so I didn't eat for 2 days, or that I couldn't translate the words 'free beer' last night.  I bring these things on myself.

We're about to head for the long drive home which will involve several hours in Belgium rush hour traffic but first Andrew's closing session entitled "Confessions of a Penetration Tester" - I'm just hoping that there's no accompanying video or a boom-chicka-chicka soundtrack frankly.  

I did manage to buy the world's slowest USB drive - 16GB for only 20 Euros which estimated 5 hrs to transfer a 4GB VM from Paul's hard disk when plugged in.  The pain generated by the ST Advanced work I've been doing this week deserves its own blog post later when I can breathe normally again, now it's time for a bit of fresh air before 10 hrs in the car.

1Ben Langhinrichs  29/10/2008 13:18:59  Leaving Gelsenkirchen In One Piece and Dubious Confessions

Before you take off, check with Rudi, who makes it his business to regularly give out one of the fast USB drives you'll find. At least he has in the past few conferences. He probably even mentions it somewhere, but perhaps only in German.

Have a good drive back.