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My Lotusphere Presentations (Redux)

Gabriella Davis  30 January 2009 02:26:13
For anyone who is interested, here are my presentations from Lotusphere 2009 in PDF form.

JS104 - Security A-Z Jumpstart with Andrew Pollack
BP205 - Sametime Advanced Maintenance and Management
SHOW101 - Show and Tell on ID Vault and DAOS with Paul Mooney
BP207  - Domino Admin to WAS Admin in an hour with Chris Miller

I hope you find them useful


1Mary Whalley  31/01/2009 03:03:59  My Lotusphere Presentations (Redux)

Thank you! Your sessions, as always, were great!

2Ulrich Krause  02/02/2009 13:02:02  My Lotusphere Presentations (Redux)

Thanks for sharing!

One question regarding IDVault. Does this only work for new registered users or is there any chance to get the ids from the "backup folder" on the file system into the vault?