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The Mystery Of The Disappearing and Reappearing Filed Messages

Gabriella Davis  30 July 2008 16:59:02
I've been troubleshooting a seemingly random problem at a customer for a few months now which was proving difficult to define so almost impossible to investigate.  Of about 600 users on one server, a handful were reporting that on some days messages they filed from their inboxes would reappear a few minutes later.  The users were on a mixed variety of Notes clients from 6.5.4 to 7.0.2 and 8.0.1 and the problem didn't appear to be consistent across any version or template.  The mail server was clustered but those 2 cluster mates had been in place for years with those files on them and never had a issue.  In addition the servers had been upgraded to v8.0.1 some months before the first report of the problem.  

Eventually we did establish that although the message appeared back in the inbox it did also appear to stay filed in the folder it had been put in. Once we got there we could identify the problem as matching SPR DCOE7FNNCV which says that behaviour is a result of the 8.0x streaming cluster replication (SCR) technology (and doesn't appear to be the only problem with it).    Turn off the setting for cluster replication to use SCR and force it to fallback on regular 7.x cluster replication and the problem goes away.  The issue is scheduled for fix in 8.0.3 but in the meantime DEBUG_SCR_DISABLED=1
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