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Look Mum - My Very First Podcast!

Gabriella Davis  30 November 2009 22:24:55
In an attempt to stop me talking endlessly at him - Carl Tyler came up with the idea that he and I should put together a podcast series on Sametime and associated technologies.  We've called it UCHear and the first Episode can be found at http://www.uchear.com here.  Some pre-answers  
  • no I don't have a cold, it was a shock to me that I sounded like that too
  • yes Carl's dog did take up residence on my foot and we had to stop the podcast when it eventually went dead.  I believe that was pre-arranged sabotage
  • contrary to Carl's claims, I am neither optimistic or a liar - he's just unused to having anyone disagree with his apocalyptic world view

If you listen to the Podcast I'd love to know what you think and if there's anything in particular you'd like us to cover in the future